Casilda Cabrerizo Sanz , Azucena Klett y Pablo García Bachiller



This article reflects on some cultural and urban processes found in the main agendas of urban social movements in Madrid. The authors place the story in the district of Lavapiés, where interests converge in contradictory landscapes that overlap in a scenario of struggle for the symbolic capital of tangible and intangible real estate, either accumulated or under construction. The text focuses on the search for potential and new forms of institution, that emerge today in the city, claiming autonomy and recognition and using the idea of culture (symbolic and territorial identities) as a counter political dimension. The article presents a case study in construction: the collaboration between Mercado de San Fernando, a local market, and Intermediae, a contemporary art center, approaching the debate on new institutionality from perspectives within and outside of the institution. Palabras clave. Ciudad; urbano; cultura; institucionalidad; movimientos sociales.